The first Pillar of the Jensen Wellness Program is FITNESS. Fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy. The purpose of this Pillar is to connect you with your body; to appreciate the ways it serves you and moves you through life. The focus of this pillar is building strength, improving endurance, becoming more active, and creating and integrating healthy, sustainable lifestyle practices.

The Key Benefits Of The Jensen Wellness 12 Week Program:

  • Weight-Loss + Conditioning (physical health and fitness, transformation)
  • Vitality/Longevity
  • Life Optimization (routine, structure, accountability, process, compliance)
  • Mental Wellness (support)

What You Can Expect

We will focus on creating momentum and a workout routine that works for your lifestyle. It is important to start with some foundational programming regardless of your fitness level. We all tend to favor movements and exercises we prefer and have a tendency to avoid what we need to be doing.

We will focus on activating all the major and minor muscle groups, core muscles and stabilizers, and the introduction of a cardiovascular program suited specifically to you. 

The goal is to create structure and healthier habits with an easy-to-follow exercise strategy.

We will start with an initial Fit3D scan and in-person meeting, or phone call to discuss your health history, current lifestyle and exercise habits, and goals in more detail. From there we will help you set SMART goals for the 12-week program. 

We will communicate with you regularly to make sure you are on track and creating and maintaining forward momentum. It is important to remember that it is not about being perfect, it is about creating healthier, sustainable habits. 

Throughout your 12 week program, there will be weekly email check-ins. Your check-ins are extremely important. Not only do they hold you accountable for your plan, but they will allow us to adjust your program(s) accordingly based on your progress. There will be an online check-in form link provided to you to fill out every Saturday morning.

What Our Clients Are Saying

A Program Like No Other

The Jensen Wellness Institute 12 Week Program is a comprehensive journey to uncover your best self. With tested and proven strategies, knowledgeable insight into the science of nutrition and exercise, and structure and routine designed to foster success, our team will guide you to overall wellness. Explore some sample programs, the navigation of the 12 Week journey,  and the pillars on which your success will be constructed.


A Roadmap For Your Journey To Wellness

A Roadmap For Your Journey To Wellness

The Jensen Wellness Institute is a completely personalized program to help you find mastery over your nutrition, your fitness, your wellness, and your health. This program will help you define your fitness goals, chart your progress, recognize your achievements, and surpass what you even thought you were capable of. Wherever you are, we are here to guide and support you on your journey.


It’s Your Time

The 12 Week program offered by The Jensen Wellness Institute is the answer for anyone seeking the true path to complete wellness. This program is customizable, supportive, and it works! If you are ready to commit 3 months to prioritize yourself and take the journey to the healthiest version of you, sign up for the Jensen Wellness Institute now.

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